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Quentin wrote:
>Waaay OT. Sorry, I am in between projects here, and are having one of
>those rare breaks today where I think about everything 'cept PICs and
>I've got a bet going about the word plumber. Dictionary says the "b" is
>not pronounced. My argument is that, since Americans pronounce
>everything the way they see it, they do pronounce the "b", even if it is
>a soft one, it is still pronounced. Comments?
>My English friends can also make their comments here.
>Got a couple of beers riding on this one.

I don't know what Americans you've been listening to who pronounce
'everything the way they see it'.

Most Americans pronounce most words very much like the British do. The 'b'
in 'plumber' is, indeed, silent in typical American pronunciation.

Accents aside, only a few words are noticeably different (British
'speciALity' vs American 'SPECialty' and British 'aluMINium' vs American
'aLUMinum' come to mind).

Oh, yeah, we pronounce 'truck' as 'truck', not 'lorry'. :=)

Regards, Bob

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