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Thread: Wondering about the avr...
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> > An 8MHz AVR is faster than a 20MHz PIC, as the PIC has a /4
> > clock system, so is effectively running at 5MHz. I'd be interested
> > to know if there are any bench mark routine comparisons around
> > of AVR vs PIC for task completion in "real world" applications
> I would guess that the AVR would lead in arithmetic and RAM->RAM
> activities, while the PICs would lead in I/O intesive operations. So you
> should take great care defining a "real world" application, and even
> more care interpreting the results.

Why would you say that AVR is no a leader in I/O intensive operations ?

I have no problems doing most things on an AVR, I actully use an AT90S8515
running at 8Mhz to merge and transmit the merged data stream of DMX 512,
running at 250Kbps.



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