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Thread: [AVR]: Cant find info on AVR vs. PIC Please help.
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> (I fully agree with previous conclusions: you can't go wrong with
> either)
> Two chips to keep in mind:
> ATtiny28L : exceptionally good bang for the buck, but difficult to
> program

Not that hard, I have one sitting on a breadboard ATM (after switching a
battery charger design from the Tiny15 (I needed some SRAM lol) It has an
SPI port that can connect to any standard SPI programmer (you need AVR
Studio 3.55 or higher as this is a very new chip). My biggest bug with it is
the unusuall power pins (right in the middle) so I do not think it will run
in the STK 500 (may also need a dedicated Adaptor for the ICE 50 (when they
bring support out for the T26)

> Ubicom SX: PIC clones that run 75 MIPS at 75 MHz

Never played with these, and would not even know where to buy them in AU,
One day when I have spare time I will have to look into these, shame they
dropped the 100Mhz version.

> Wouter


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Subject (change) [AVR]: Cant find info on AVR vs. PIC Please help.

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