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Thread: Into FPGA
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>   Does the Starter Kit from Xilinx contain the JTAG
> for me to use? I believe I would only use the
> development board for it's hobbist friendliness and
> it's smaller kit board for some projects.

At one time the ones made by Digelent came with a clone of the old
parallel port JTAG cable.  Works if you have a parallel port but a bit
on the slow side for programming big parts.  Also uses a larger header.
The USB cable or Parallel Cable IV is a good investment.

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Yes you can do this but you will still need a relatively large
non-volatile storage device unless you plan on booting through some
other communication stream (RS232, USB, ethernet, etc) while connected
to a PC.  Adding the serial EEPROMs for the FPGAs is not a big deal.
Cheap parts.  Can be in-system programed via the above mentioned
programming cables.

I've worked on systems were we had both EEPROM and the ability to
reprogram the FPGAs from a processor (happened to be a DSP).  Worked
great for field upgrades since the DSP was already talking to a monitor
port and could reprogram its FLASH.

Several app notes on Xilinx's site about microcontroller booting, using
a CPLD to boot and other fun stuff.

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