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Thread: PC software question.
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It was not really a rhetorical question. I was writing it while thinking
that people today feel the need to jump on a bandwagon and attack other
people weather it is deserved or not. They also tend to do it without
knowing the facts.

Look, MSFT is a corporation and like most other big corporations today
they do a really good job of looking after their own interests. That
seems to be the way of the modern world. Look what the drug, utility,
entertainment (to name a few) companies are doing in the name of
corporate profit.

I am in no way defending this since I think it sucks.

When it comes to Microsoft though I have some strong opinions and I am
entitled to them since I know what goes on there. I worked as a
developer at Microsoft from late 1996 to 2003 and I know what goes into
creating the software that most of the planet is using.

Business practices aside, Microsoft makes good stuff, they work very
hard at it and they keep looking for ways to improve. They provide
consumers (I hate that word) with a very good deal and not one other
product, company, or group comes even close to providing the same level
of functionality and low cost.

Like I said, Microsoft is a big, successful and easy to pick on target
so they get a lot of bad press. Most of it is crap.

If any of the MSFT slammers here took the time to visit Redmond and talk
to some of the developers who work there I guarantee you would come away

BTW, This is the first time I have ever responded to a pro or anti
Microsoft post. After all this time I decided I had to finally say
something. I figured that of all people, fellow engineers would know
better than to make comments like this. We all know what it takes to
make software/firmware/hardware and we all know that it is never


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