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Thread: Explaining WiFi to the technically challenged
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On Dec 17, 2005, at 12:15 PM, Peter wrote:

> You need 120 people * 5Mbps speed for reasonable operation.

I would say "You NEED multicast."  Alas, while multicast was a hot topic
not so long ago, it sorta got ignored as assorted hardware scaled faster
than expected (but didn't support multicast very well), usage patterns
changed, bubbles burst, and research funding got cut.

> Ethernet and WiFi does not scale linearly with users and/or speed.

A controversial statement.  There were arguments about ethernet vs
token ring revolving around this topic for a long time.  They mostly
went away when 100Mbit ethernet turned out to be orders of magnitude
cheaper than 100Mbit token rings (or even 16Mbit token ring, for that


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