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Thread: Too good (and cheap) to work?
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At 10:47 AM 9/16/2004, EraseMERobin.Bussell@spam@spamspam_OUTaxa-sunlife.co.uk wrote:

>>Or just turn the TV upside down..
>Now I was told on a computer graphics course ages ago that doing that
>would give you more purity problems on a large CRT due to the earths field...

Yup. And convergence, and you had better add a fan to deal with the heat flow issues.

>Apparantly you'd also have problems if you (somehow) exported a large
>computer monitor from the southern hemisphere and tried to use it up here,
>the manufacturers apply suitable bias at the adjustment stage and allegedly
>have large coils around the adjustment area of the factory to simulate the
>earths field for their intended destination market.
>Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Doubtful, how would they know which way it would face?

>In a moment of idleness a while back I turned an LCD display upside down
>and was amazed  (in a 'doh! of course' type of way ) that all the buttons on
>the windows application the monitor was showing had inverted! It's a great
>demonstration for people who are starting to live the metaphors their
>computers force on them too much... along with the old "use a snapshot
>of their desktop as wallpaper and hide the real icons" trick of course :-)

In the old days, I worked with a fellow who was known to come in on mondays with a pretty good hangover.  Flipping the connections on his monitor yoke was good for a laugh.

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