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Thread: Using low-level printer commands to perform unusualprinteroperations
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Comments embedded. This is one of those times where revealing my ignorance leads to enlightenment.

On 2/24/2012 8:55 AM, Bob Ammerman wrote:
>> A windows DLL file allows access to a higher security level in the
>> system than programmers are currently accustomed to.
> This is not a true statement. DLL's operate under the security context of
> the calling application and have no special privileges.
Thank you, I am close to checking this out. I will prepare to be disappointed, I want direct hardware access

> If I ever get around to actually doing the DLL route,  a Driver would
> seem to be the next step.  Not likely by me, too many unknowns. All you
> have to do to get a DLL loaded is to ask nice.
> Drivers are another beast. They are difficult to write but do have the
> ability to do many things that a standared App/DLL cannot do.
Ouch! I hope I am up to the task...

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Subject (change) Using low-level printer commands to perform unusualprinteroperations

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