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Herbert Graf wrote:
> When I was probably younger then 10 years old I used my brand new
> digital multimeter to measure the amount of current a wall socket can
> produce. Fortunately the range I used was fused and no fireworks
> occurred, but it took me a while to understand why that idea didn't
> work! :)
I find I kept/keep learning that lesson.... Somehow I seem to have the
meter on the wrong setting at the wrong time... actually, that's not
true, I change the meter to measure volts, but don't plug the cable in
the the 'V' socket but leave it in the 'A' socket... hence I blow a fuse.

I have learned two tricks / two solutions....
1. have multiple meters... 3, in fact. One 'good' one dedicated to
'precision' Amps (electronics), one 'good' one dedicated to precision
non-amp measures, and one cheap one for general household usage.
2. keep spare fuses on hand.

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