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Thread: Russian forces storm school, captors slip away...
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Last time the Russian army tried that most of the 'sleepers' died.
(Movie theatre in Moscow last year if memory serves.)

And since the school was rigged with explosives, you can bet
that the hostage takers had a 'dead man' switch in hand.

A terrible situation with hundreds of children dying when troops
stormed the school. And then dozens of the militants 'escaped' to a
residential area?? What kind of incompetent troops are they using?

And we have the gall to call hunans 'civilized'?
No other animal kills it own kind for emotional reasons.


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MOSCOW - As many as 150 people were killed and 650 injured after
commandos stormed a school in southern Russia on Friday where armed
militants held hostages for the past three days.

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Subject (change) Russian forces storm school, captors slip away...

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