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Thread: Cheap bridge multi DCmotor driver ideas
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Fishing for ideas...
I want to design a cirquit to drive a few (preliminary 4) DCmotors back and forvard.  The original design used relays and no motor protection, thus motors died...

As cheap as possible

Motors are 12V, supply is 12V car system
Motor current is rated 8A start, but i will current limit to approx 3A.
Drive time is about one second, then long time rest.

All motors may operate at the same time, but there might be advantageous to drive them one by one:  o Less total peak current (smaller system fuse)
o I may use one common current limiter

Extra plus if i can connect it also to 24 volts system.

So I thought that on the input i use a 78S10 or something: simple 10V regulator with suitable current limiting.  (Somebody know of a low-drop 2..3A 12V regulator that accept 30V?)

Then i use one simple H-drive for each motor, controlled in sequence by a PIC.

Now, this makes for quite a few transistors if built discrete.
Are there cheap IC H-drives for approx 3A?

I can cheat by connecting one side of all motors together and connect that to either + or minus by a half H, then i only need another half H per motor.  And then i may afford having that common half H as a relay, gaining less voltage drop.

Other ideas?

Manufacture volume is 100+


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