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Thread: grounding unused inputs
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At 05:50 PM 1/14/01 -0500, Dan Michaels wrote:

>Even in a high volume product, personally I would never simply
>(a) configure a pin as output and then leave it unterminated, or
>(b) set a pin to input and then short straight it to gnd. There are
>a number of possible "disastrous" scenarios this way:
>1 - with (a), an ESD spike might modify the TRIS register, set an
>     output pin to input, and then it would float and pick up noise,
>     and possibly affect proper operation.

Hi there, Dan.

I would agree with your reasoning above *if* I set the TRIS registers only
at the start of code and never touched them again.  But I consider that to
be bad practice.  I refresh all important registers regularly, usually in
the routine that looks after the watchdog timer.  In fact, I will often
*read* the registers to make sure that it is what I expect them to be,
rather than just refreshing them.  If I get a nasty transient that is
enough to disturb the TRIS or INTCON registers, I figure that I had better
re-init everything anyways.  So: I configure un-used pins as output and set
them LO.

Regarding being able to use some of those un-used pins for later changes,
you are correct in that having pads with holes makes those changes easier
to make.  But you don't need to stuff components in those holes.


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