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Peter L. Peres wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Roman Black wrote:
> *>But shouldn't that be focussed at the drug addicts,
> *>NOT the rest of society? It's just one more step
> Come on Roman. What planet do you live on ? Consideration for 'other' uses
> ? Get real.

Wow. I'm not sure what I said to invite such derision
but my point was that a "war on drugs" should be
focused at the drug people. Do you disagree?

> I had trouble buying plastic disposable syringes. They told me
> 'but we won't sell you the needle'. When I agreed to that they gave them
> to me. Sheesh. (this in the pharmacy of the health fund I belong to, with
> my full id and member card on the counter). You can't fight bureaucracy
> you can try to outlive it or outwit it.

If that is "the law" in your area then fine. I have
bought needles in my area recently by taking in a
solder paste syringe and shwoing the pharmacist, and
offering to blunt the needle before leaving the shop.
Any pharmacist worth a poop can tell the difference
between an electronics nerd and a needle junkie,
and probably better than a cop can.

As to what planet i'm living on, it sounds just
a fraction nicer than your planet...

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