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Thread: RE: [EE]: Fuel tank sensor / real world solutions
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>Don't think I will try, but according to the instructor,
>you can weld tanks which have already had fuel in them,
>by filling them with water.

The important thing with petrol tanks is to assume that they are full of
petrol vapour indefinately after use. When I was working in casualty I saw
the worst burst ever when someone tried welding an "empty" petrol tank.
Shame it was full of vapour. The heat nicely pressurised the vapour in the
tank before the welding punctured the tank..... One auto flame thrower right
where you are.... Not nice :( At least filling with water will stop vapour
flashes though I'd worry about the water getting hot and expanding in a
closed space (the second worst burns I've seen where from steam from a car
radiator)....  Oh the joys of medicine...... I'd be tempted to fill with
water and take the top of the filler cap of. Not sure how I'd dry out the
tank afterwards, wouldn't fancy water in the engine....

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