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Thread: Oscillator question
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Hello all,

I have a design with a SX18 which originally used the internal RC-osc
at 4 MHz. At tests it has showed that this is not accurate enough. I
then switched to a 4MHz ceramic resonator to get better accuracy. I
also have a header with connections to the both osc-pins, 5V and 0V,
used for programming and debugging. However, when I touch this header
with my fingers (the osc-pins) the oscillator frequency goes off and
sometimes the oscillator also stops and won't start again unless I
cycle the power off and on again.

Is this normal behavior or is it something I should be worried about?
Would the same happen if I use a crystal instead?

Thanks in advance / Ruben
Ruben Jvnsson
AB Liros Elektronik
Box 9124, 200 39 Malmv, Sweden
TEL INT +46 40142078
FAX INT +46 40947388

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