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Thread: Cracked [OT] Offering to stop spamming...
face BY : Dmitry Kiryashov email (remove spam text)

Peter Schultz wrote:
> >OK, then, try the communist way (which i prefer):
> I came from a former communist country ( Hungary )
> I am living in the States now, Thank God!
> Trust me the communist way millions of time worst then the capitalist.
> Just check what they achive within 70 years in Russia and 40 years in the
> rest of the communist countries.
> I would call that demolition.

Yeah... But what the excellent idea it was... :-)))

WBR Dmitry. :-)))

PS. BTW For the future please speak about yourself only not for all.

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Subject (change) Cracked [OT] Offering to stop spamming...

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