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Top 9 count of messages found in PICLIST, by author.  ;-)

355 "Peter L. Peres" <spam_OUTplpspam@spam@ACTCOM.CO.IL>
211 "Paul B. Webster VK2BZC" <spam_OUTpaulbspamBeGonespamspamBeGonemidcoast.com.au>
178 Andy Kunz <RemoveMEmtdesignspamBeGonespamFAST.NET>
136 Sean Breheny <spamshb7RemoveMEspamCORNELL.EDU>
133 WF AUTOMACAO <TakeThisOuTwfspam_OUTspamTakeThisOuTAMBIENTE.COM.BR>
122 Mike Keitz <mkeitzRemoveMEspamspam_OUTJUNO.COM>
122 Mark Willis <mwillisspamBeGonespamNWLINK.COM>
119 Tjaart van der Walt <KILLspamtjaartspamspamSTOPspamwasp.co.za>
119 David VanHorn <dvanhorn@spam@spamCEDAR.NET>

Scott, I'd use f2pic more, if it had full source code available ...
since it doesn't I'll probably write a gpforth equivalent.  Eventually.

I think in Forth.

James Cameron                                    (spamcameronspamspamRemoveMEstl.dec.com)
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