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Thread: Software tag needed? <-- Re: EE Change CRC in bin file
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Change to [TECH] tag
New subject line.


I suggest that this discussion should be being held in TECH

as it relates to whether material belongs in TECH or
elsewhere. AND the subject line needs changing.

What say any responses are posted there? I'll
dual post this and with a changed subject line.

> My issue is this:

> An EE doesn't have to deal with TECH: or OT: garbage if he
> doesn't want to.
> The poor SE has no choice. ...

Having carefully read that, my original comment applies.


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I generally agree with your arguments. There may well be
many others who agree. It seems likely that such material
will be migrating out of EE (not my choice except as 1 of N
members). Letting the new arrangement settle down and then
seeing how people feel.

James argued for years that a proliferation of tags would
lead to administrative nightmares AND a demand for still
more tags. He may or may not prove right on the first point.
He seems to be being proven right on the second.


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/method/errors.htm?key=crc
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Subject (change) Software tag needed? <-- Re: EE Change CRC in bin file

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