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Thread: 16F628
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>The 16f628 seems to be THE 16x84 killer: cheaper, more memory, a UART, etc.
>It is even possible to free the OSC and MCLR pins and use these as I/O. But
>that raises a question: when MCLR is configured as I/O, and the program does
>something with this pin (for instance pull it low), how can I get the chip
>in (high-voltage) programming mode? The ICSP guide does not address this
>question. I do not know another PIC that is both flash and has an MCLR pin
>that can be configured as I/O, so this issue might be specific to this chip.

Simple, RA5/~MCLR/THV can only be used as a ST input, see the data sheet for

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