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>What do you use for accelerometers and do you index it or what ? Because

Not that far along yet.  I'm still using an Eye, Mark I.

>IR remote control leds run at that power level with a duty cycle of 10%
>(3us on in 30us or so). They are quite happy with it. A PIC can easily do

No, a std 38KHz IR is 8uS on and 26 off.  Check the NEC documentation, or
just about any IR chip.

>commands. And where did you get the standard 30% from ? Is it an American
>standard ?

Japanese --> universal <G>

>I don't know what the sound level is, that you start out with. By the way,
>did you say ELECTRIC ? Multi-pole electric motors with a switched

Yes.  We race them at about 50mph around an oval.  We dump 2 AH in 90 seconds.

>is a way to build even electronic stabilizers like this. No, you don't

Stabilizer?  ?

>Another way to get at the frequency of a running DC motor is to put a
>pickup coil on it. A phone suction cup coil should work and so should a

The motor is 100' away traveling at 50mph.  Sound is the only possibility.

I have a tach in my data logger (on board some boats, but not all have
enough room), now I need an external one.



Andy Kunz - Statistical Research, Inc. - Westfield, New Jersey USA


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