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>Why didn't you say so ;) Is it going to be wet ? If so, a twin plastic

Not while I'm balancing it.  It's for a dynamic balancer along the lines of
what is used in full-size cars.  I'm sure some heli guys will like it.

>2 or 3 blades). If the LED is pulsed with 1 Amp pulses at 30 kHz as for IR
>remote applications it should work ok.

1A in an LED - what a concept!  What kind of duty cycle do you propose, the
standard 30%?

>tone and the one where a tone is to be displayed as speed. The 1st method

I want digital RPM display based upon frequency the boat is putting out.

>frequency to a counter. If the amplifier has some AGC, it will lock on the
>loudest frequency around (such as, a nitro engine running full throttle
>near it).  This last method works very well as I can confirm ;)

These are electric, but the idea is the same.  We are much quieter!

Do you have a schematic for an audio AGC which will give me the pulsing I
need?  That's the real hangup for me - converting it to RPM is just software.


Andy Kunz - Statistical Research, Inc. - Westfield, New Jersey USA


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