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Thread: Printed solar panels
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Whilst it does sound 'dodgy' I'm not so sure, here is a link from
yesterdays BBC webpage using a solar film:  

and I recall the CSIRO tried unsuccessfully to get funds to further
research into a flexible and new way of depositing solar cells onto


:: This set off alarms for me, too. The reason why it helps to track
:: the
:: sun is not because of any directionality of the panel. It is
:: because
:: you want to maximize the amount of watts per square meter which the
:: panel receives. The closer you can make the line of sight to the
:: sun
:: match up with the vector perpendicular to the solar panel surface,
:: the
:: more light you receive. Think about it from the sun's perspective:
:: when the panel is way off, the sun would only "see" a thin line,
:: but
:: when the panel is broadside to the sun, the panel appears as big
:: as it
:: can get.
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