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On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 06:18:26PM -0800, kravnus wolf wrote:
> >From the number of web-sites that use 16F84, I believe
> it is the best MCU to start with.

I firmly disagree. I even wrote a page on the subject:


> Soon, you would want to change to a PIC which more features like timer and
> etc. 16F873 is quite a good chip to move to.

I have problems with the stairstep learning technique. Much 16F84
code is twisted precisely because it doesn't have the facilities
or memory to do jobs adequately. A hobbyist should start off with
the more featureful chip and learn how to use those features.

> For a
> programmer
> I would recommend PICStart +. The programmer is stable
> and it always get updates from Microchip.

pickit 2 is a better value.

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