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Thread: Problems with Warp-13 software
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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your help. I tried an earlier version of MPLAB and it produced an identically-sized HEX file (I didn't actually compare them byte by byte but I bet they are the same, as we'd expect). The HEX file from the older version also produced the problem.

I bet that there is something software-wise messed up on my system that would be best dealt with by reinstalling the OS. I've had a couple of other weird problems with other pieces of software lately. I'm reluctant to do this reinstall right now, though. I also plan on getting a new computer in a week or two so the problem will definitely be solved soon.

The strangest part of this is that it will load and program the HEX file fine if I take out a couple of instructions in the source code. It seems as though it is just fragile in a really strange way. I don't think the problem really lies with a bug in the Warp13 software.

Thanks again,



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