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Thread: ICSP connector pinout, is there a "standard"?
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We've chosen to use the pin out used on the ICD-2. That is:

1 - -MCLR
2 - Vcc
3 - ground
4 - PgD
5 - PgC


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Several people I know standardized on the Microengineering Lab's 10 pin
connector that comes off of thier EPIC programmer.  However, I soon ran
out of room for ten pins, and since they only use 5, I just use a 5 pin
inline header with ground, RB7, RB6, MCLR andf V++.  There really is no
standard, although you *should* standardize in *your* lab.

-- Lawrence Lile

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You may want to look at http://www.olimex.com/dev/images/pic-h40.gif



Adi Linden wrote:

Sorry for the dupe, forgot the proper tag the first time around...

I plan on using a 6 pin Molex KK connector for ICSP on the target board.
Is there a commonly accepted pinout for this purpose?


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