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Thread: Can't locate EEPROM?
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On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 04:11:34PM -0000, Kevin Blain wrote:
> Generally speaking however, the hex file produced by mplab for example
> located the EEPROM data at org 0x2100, for programming purposes. This
> won't appear in the program memory window, but it will be in the hex
> file. The PIC when in programming mode knows this is actually for the
> EEPROM bit.

Not exactly. The PIC programmer knows that it belongs the the data EEPROM
and will send 'program data EEPROM' instructions instead of 'program program
Flash' instructions. The PIC itself will not respond to an address of 0x2100
in programming mode under any circumstances.

> Because of the obfuscated method which the hex file is stored, this will
> appear at 4200 (2100 x 2) in the hex file, with every other byte being
> EEPROM data.

Not obfuscated. The hex file stores byte addresses. PIC instructions take 2
bytes.  Therefore the addresses in the hex file must be double the addresses
in the PIC assembly listing.


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