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Thread: Do you use isolated GND pour for osc?
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       Hi all, I'm laying out my first "pro-quality" PCB with a PIC24FJ64,
and have run into a little issue, but don't know if it's actually an
issue or not.
       In the spec sheet under External Oscillator Pins, it goes into great
detail about creating an isolating GND pour around the OSC, and that
this pour should be a separate entity from the "normal" GND pour that
many (most?) use across the whole PCB.  I've created this isolating
pour top and bottom, but I seem to have a problem with Eagle PCB in
that I seem to only be able to create one "GND" polygon per layer, so
can't do an isolation pour as well as a pour for the rest of the
board.  Haven't found any threads on this topic elsewhere.
       But the thing is, in any pictures I've found online of PIC-based
PCBs, no-one seems to actually be doing this isolating "ring".  So is
it really something I should be concerning myself with?  Or ideally,
does anyone know a way of geting multiple "GND"-named polygons on a
layer in Eagle?
       Thanks for any input

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