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Thread: Searching for documentation and software K150 programmer
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I would suggest getting a different programmer:

Olin's programmer.
Wouter's programmer.

Choice one :)

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Subject: Re: [PIC] Searching for documentation and software K150 programmer
On Tue, Mar 27, 2012, at 05:13 PM, Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:

> I have no idea about the docs or software, but it was a weird
> "support devices" list. None of the 16F1xxx devices and not any
> of the popular 16F690 or 16F886/887.

And I wouldn't always expect perfect programming of "supported" devices
either. A friend has one of these or similar, and he can copy a 16F627A
but he can't program one from a valid hex file. It's like it gets bit,
byte or nibble ordering wrong on that part.


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Subject (change) Searching for documentation and software K150 programmer

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