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Thread: Better-designed CFL's?
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On Sat, 2008-07-26 at 03:42 -0600, Forrest Christian wrote:
> The lighting in my house is almost 100% CFL's.  However, I've got a
> couple of locations that seem to resist the use of a CFL.   I was
> wondering if anyone had any input into how to find a CFL useful for
> those spots.
> The first spot is a light fixture which is attached to a ceiling fan.  
> For whatever reason, this spot seems to eat CFL's.   That is, the CFL's

My guess is it's the enclosed "upside down" they don't like. CFLs can
run hot, they are not designed to run upside down and enclosing them is
even worse.

> The other location is in an area which gets cold in the winter.  
> Evidentally CFL's don't like sub-zero temps.  The current one won't even
> start in sub-zero temps - and will actually shut itself off if it gets
> too cold.   I've had others in there, but none that I would call even
> close to a cold-weather success.    It also seems that operating
> temperatures aren't listed on these things.  

This one doesn't make sense. I have multiple bulbs outdoors, and in the
winter they work fine. When it's really cold (< -20C) they may take a
minute or two to reach full brightness, but aside from that they always

As a solution to your problems, first thing I'd do is buy a Phillips
Marathon CFL. While they are a little more expensive, they are the best
performing ones I've used. Generally, they start up REALLY quickly
(usually indistinguishable from an incandescent), reach full brightness
very quickly, and so far I haven't had one fail.

OTOH cheaper brands have many issues. They either start up slowly,
and/or take a long time to get to full brightness, even when warm. I
have had a few of those fail, in each case they were replaced with a
Phillips bulb and since then no failures.


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