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Thread: Set pixel for Linux
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Hello all,

was wondering if someone could give me some quick advice.

I need to write a quick program, running under Ubuntu. Basically I
simply need a form, and to be able to draw the pixels in the form to
whatever I want.

Speed isn't of utmost concern (obviously faster the better). I would
prefer a solution that uses C/C++ (simply because I have to merge this
project with existing code, don't want to spend too much time porting).

Can anybody point me to a simple example of a program that simply opens
a window and sets a single pixel, I can expand it from there! :)

Quick google searches have presented me with GTK being a possible
solution, but I'll be damned if I can find a SIMPLE example that creates
a form and draws a line or sets a pixel.

Thanks, in advance.


<1216674689.17880.5.camel@E2140> 7bit

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