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Thread: Warm Beer indeed! (was What is a nF?)
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On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 12:58 -0600, Mike Hord wrote:
> Really?  My wife and I have been considering a Mini (just cursorily), and
> cars.com suggests it at around US$17k.  The implication is that one can
> likely be had for somewhat less than that if one were to shop harder
> than that.
> That price compares favorably to, for example, the $17k price tag on a loaded
> Dodge Neon (as of 5 years ago; I doubt it's gone down any).
> Doesn't compare well to the ridiculous cheapness of some of the new
> Korean imports, though, or the true "bottom rung" cars from American
> manufacturers (which used to be things like the Metro, but now may be
> largely unfilled).

Well I can't speak about your market, but where I'm from here's the

BASE Mini: $23,500 CDN

For that price you could instead get:
Base GM Chev Malibu: $22,375 CND
Base Pontiac G6: $24,700 CND
Base Honda Accord Sedan: $24,300 CND
Base Toyota Camry Sedan: $24,990 CND

Note that all these prices are MSRP, for most you'll be able to knock
down things, except of course the Mini which is VERY difficult to get
for anything other then MSRP, hence even though almost every other car
I've listed has a slightly higher price, you can consider prices to be
about the same.

I've only collected a spattering, but as you can see, every other model
I've listed is a FAR better car, bigger, more powerful, more useful then
the Mini, yet they are the same price.

Personally I'd classify the Mini as being in the same class as a Honda
Civic, Acura EL or Toyota Corolla, yet those cars are THOUSANDS of
dollars cheaper, even with some options, then a BASE Mini (and Mini
prices can QUICKLY go insane, the Mini Cooper S Convertible is

Now, I CAN see why people LIKE the Mini, and if it cost what I think it
should cost (about $15,000) then I'd respect it. Of course, the Mini is
selling, so I guess that right there should shut me up... For the record
I feel the same way about the Volkswagon Beetle...

Of course, this is all personal opinion. TTYL  

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