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Thread: Internal Wall Wart?
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>> Place wall wart in mains distribution board (what you
>> call
>> them there I don't know.
>> Load to worst case point.
>> Power at worst case mains.
>> Tape thermocouple probe to box.
>> Pour 100 kg (50 lb) bag of Perlite over wart and dis box
>> and
>> all and observe the fun.
>> :-)

> I would expect the transformer in a UL approved wart to
> contain a fairly
> low rated temperature thermal fuse that makes such
> experiments and
> exercise in futility!

Think of it as an Edison experiment.
Even if it "fails" you learn something useful.

There must be *some* way to fry them ;-)

I just noted my radical kg/lbs conversion factor :-).
I'd be able to get a job at NASA any day.


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