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Thread: thoughts about RBPI
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I have been following the adventures of RBPI closely.
I have been officially designated as a RBPI troll ( by RBPI ) since I have asked them so many probing questions.
About 10 prototypes have been delivered for prices ranging up to $3000 on eBay.
There are other prototypes floating around.
No one has told me they have received a *production* board yet.  I have asked a lot of people.
The RBPI folks do not respond to my questions about what they are actually shipping.  I have asked them many times.
There are rumours of 1,000,000 requests for the $35 RBPI board.
There are stories that a "soccer stadium" rush to order boards last Wednesday ( Feb 29 ) crashed some websites.
There is a rumour that the original 10K boards were to be made in China and the effort failed.
Now it may be that RS and Farnell are authorized to produce boards.

During the last 4 months I have been wondering how Broadcom views this adventure.  They have never before released chips to a small manufacturer.  How will they feel if creative types modify the RBPI board and start making things in volume that Broadcom did not expect ?  What happens if Broadcom's OEM customers complain ?

The concept is great .... now to see the execution
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