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Thread: What to do about a slowcoach
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Hi all,

a friend has a small framing/laminating/etc business and employs 4
people. All are good at their jobs but one is persistently slow. He's
been there for 3 years

She's asked me for advice on how to speed him up. For example
he'd complete 1/2 the number of frames that another employee would
do in the same time. Quality-wise, no problem and he's a nice enough

A lot of the work they do is for individual customers so it's not like
you can hide a few of poor quality in a container load

Because it's a fairly skilled job cutting and assembling frames/glass/
prints etc she's reluctant to show him the door because of the time
needed to train someone new. In fact I don't believe she's ever
sacked anyone, relying on natural attrition to replace people

So, what sort of motivation/conversation/penalties/inspiration could
she look at to get his arse into gear ? I've suggested things like
performance bonuses or rewards but she feels that's not getting to
the root of this problem and doesn't want the extra paperwork
that would entail as she's already so busy

Similar dilemma, anecdotes anyone ?



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