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Thread: :: He3 fusion power / Lunar Helium
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>From an Arocket  post

>> So far we haven't got He3 contained fusion, or indeed any
>> form of contained sustained fusion, and He3 is several
>> steps
>> up the hardness ladder from what we will see initially
>> with
>> contained controlled fusion.

> Why?  Specifically, why is fusing He-3 with H-2 any harder
> than fusing H-3
> with H-2?

Far from my specialist topic. But ...
Coz that's what the experts say.
Higher energy levels.
More ..

Artemis project. Excellent You'll be sorry ...



       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helium_fusion <- not
much use

Almost useful at low technical level


You'll be sorry again ...


This team has one running.
Efficiency is 'a bit low" [tm]


Y don't buy no ugly slideshow (with many "images removed for
copyright reasons" )
FWIW Says reason Chinese want to do lunar access if for He3


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