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Thread: SCENIX VIDEO VIRTUAL PERIPHERAL Design Challenge and Contest
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You need to specify what additional hardware is acceptable.
While you can certainly do it with the processor alone, addition of a single
dot clocked shift register greatly reduces overhead.
Sure, it's then not pure software but if the aim is to be purist rather than
allow a $0.20 part you may have to also exclude any external resonator and
run with the Scenix internal oscillator (at 4 MHz). After all, the resonator
costs rather more than the glue logic needed for a dot clock and shift
register. Then we'll see how it compares to a PIC :-).

>Ok, its time for us Scenix users to put this PIC video thing to rest... We
>alone have the speed required in a low cost micro controller to really make
>it happen!

While we are on the "we alone have ..." thought, look at the Clive "I can do
magic" Sinclair ZX80 which used an ancient and venerable (and venerated?)
Z80 plus a shift register to work video magic. It also managed to pretend to
be a "full" computer during the flyback period. The CISC set-and-forget
block move instruction has it's place :-).

I'm sure the Scenix would be hard to beat in this application using a true
single chip solution but it does wilt rather on other tasks in the face of
some of the competition.

Russell McMahon

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