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Thread: Open Source Embedded Software License
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>> But as the court case shows, it doesn't stop a commercial
>> organisation from claiming that the copyright is null and void,
>> and then using the information.
>The license that is the subject of the court case is not the GPL,
>it is the Artistic License. The project changed its license to the
>GPL some time this past summer to hopefully avoid this problem
>with future releases.

It is still a copyright, that the court has invalidated. Are you really
saying that I can go down to the library and photocopy a whole book on the
basis of this court judgement?

Yes the project is changing its license, with the next release of software,
but I wonder where the decision leaves a lot of people, from the music and
video industry, down to painters, photographers, and goodness knows who
else, that claim copyright to works.

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