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Thread: scope project anyone? (from PICLIST) FW & Drive cases
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>> If you're talking l/a trigging, the design for that is well known.
>> LATCH, XOR and AND into wired or. You have one latch for level and
>> one for don't care.
>    Um, wouldn't it be easier to just dynamically reconfigure your
>    FPGA, reprogramming it on the fly for whatever trigger pattern
>    was desired?

I remember an article in HP journal a good few years ago about how they
implemented a fast trigger recognition system in a logic analyser. Basically
they used a number of fast bipolar ram chips (well I did say it was a good
few years ago) and loaded them with the required trigger pattern. Then the
address lines were connected to the logic inputs to sense the state. This
method requires a one bit wide ram. For expansion to more bits, add another
ram and AND/OR the outputs as appropriate. Minimises propagation delay down
a tree of ORing/ANDing gates.

Could probably find the article in my archives somewhere if it might be

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Subject (change) scope project anyone? (from PICLIST) FW & Drive cases

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