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Thread: [TECH] FTP server for Windows
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Anyone like to recommend a (preferably free) FTP server for Windows.
There are many out there. I'm more interested in ease of ownership
than features. If I can have both so much the better.
Being able to read and write files remotely is about the extent of my
spec. Anything else is icing.

WAR FTP sounds OK


One slight detraction is the site's repeated attempts to download
double-click tracking material not only when you access the page (as
many sites do) but at ongoing intervals. Spybot deals with that, but
it's annoying.

Any favourites, and why?
For HTTP I'm using Apache under WinXP-home at present and it's
excellent. ie it "just goes" as expected.

While I'm here, thoughts on a suitable (again preferably free) Windows
based POP3 server? Again, ease of ownership is the primary factor.
This would probably be get used behind a web based email system which
forwarded to POP3 to give me some security against local outages.

       Russell McMahon

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