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Thread: : We have a yacht race
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For the last 20 years until today racing for the America's Cup has
been a very one sided affair. A band of challengers compete for the
right to take on the incumbent and then the eventual Cup Winner
thrashes the other yacht to death 5:0. The only exception in 20 years
was a single penultimate win by the Italians a few iterations back. ie
4-0, 4-1, 5-1. 4-1 is the best any underdog has managed in 20 years.

Up until today

Just watched (Emirates) Team NZ Americas's Cup team win the second
race in the best-of-9 America's Cup series in Valencia, Spain. NZ's
antipodes fwiw as per recent conversation here. (Spain, Portugal and
part of the far outer Bay of Biscay). 2:30am race ending here :-(.

A great feeling of vicarious involvement for a large number of late
awake Kiwis here. There's a certain amount of "grudge match" happening
here, but nobody in the NZ team is admitting it.

With the score now 1-1 it now appears the two teams and yachts are
very very closely matched and some nail biting racing now looks likely
in the coming days.


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