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Thread: Which editor?
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> > Visual studio 6 can only do two (not sure about VS2005/2008, not a big
> > fan).
> VS2005/2008 definitely can open multiple (>2) windows of a file.
> (There's two more :) Not sure about VS6 (not installed anymore), but I'm
> almost sure it can, too.
> > MS-Word can only do two.
> Huh? You sure that this limitation isn't between keyboard and chair? :)
> Have you ever tried the "New Window" command (typically in the Windows
> or View menus)?

He's talking about 'splitter view', when you drags the splitter bar down so
you can look at two different sections of the same document at once.

VS does this (as does Word, Excel etc) so you can look at the top part for
your module and the bottom at the same time.  Dunno if synchronised
scrolling works on split windows.

I've never found it all that useful, usually your code is in short chunks so
scrolling isn't a problem if you want to see other bits of it, or you're
comparing two different documents.  Looks like it falls into the 80% unused
= bloat area.  :)


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