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Thread: Talking PIC's !
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> Yes I remember experimenting with Allophones in the 80's with
> a chip - I think it might have been the SP-0256-AL2 from GI. It
> worked quite well and was very efficient - most words can be
> stored in Allophones in less bytes than normal text. However I
> particularly remember W's and V's as being awful !

I thought of playing around with the Commodore 64's SID chip.
There were a couple of pretty good text-to-speech programs at
the time, early 80s. Big Mouth was one. I have the feeling there
was some ring modulation involved, because of the tone quality
deterioration if you pushed a little too far with voice settings. Like
a squeaky Stephen Hawking. Programs and games with embedded
speech probably used sampling. Impossible Mission's Vincent Price
for example, which wasn't too bad at all

I do have some SID chips (ex dead C64s) but have never gotten
around to hooking up a PIC to one. Without a real application,
no pressing incentive to do so apart from curiosity unfortunately

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