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Thread: Solar Array Tracking
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Brian Riley wrote:
> Now, if
> you consider a manual array mounting rack (manual meaning, you go out
> at some regular interval, say once a month,

This part seems like the "why bother".  If I remember right, the earth tilts
+-22.5 degrees over a year.  So if you point a collector at the equanox sun
height, you're never off by more than 22.5deg, and less than half that on
average.  Cos(22.5deg) = .924, which means you have 7.6% loss worst case.
Cos(11.25deg) = .981, so you lose less than 2% averaged over a whole year
with no vertical (seasonal) adjustment at all.  The daily sun travel angle
is much more, so tracking horizontally would be a bigger bang, although also
more complicated and expensive.

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