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Thread: 16C57 vs 16C57C, a weird problem
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I have a design that utilizes a C57C that reads an eeprom (93LC46A)  on power up.  Everything works correctly, it is very simple bit bang communication.

When employing a plain old C57, the processor does not get its operating data from the eeprom correctly.  When watching the DO pin of the eeprom, it passes the correct data to the C57 properly sync'd with the clock pulses.   However the processor is not reading it correctly (based upon viewing improper operation).  I am only passing on 5 addresses, so I could easily watch the entire communication and view the correct data clocking out of the eeprom.

Here is the weird part:  When I reset the processor, it reads the eeprom and gets the data correct!

Power supply comes up in less than 40us (0 to 5V), and we wait 500ms before accessing eeprom.  I did try holding the processor in reset for several seconds (thinking the eeprom needed more time for some reason to stabilize) but this also did not work.  First read is wrong (3 addresses appear to be read OK, last 2 are wrong).  Resetting the processor again causes it to read the proper data.  I do have a voltage detector handling processor reset.

What is really odd is that I can view the datastream heading to the processor, so I know the eeprom was initialized correctly and has clocked out correct data for the 5 addresses.  The processor simply clocks this data into registers and uses them to set up power level,  carrier frequencies and modulations.  3 addresses are interpreted correctly, 2 are not.  Put the same code into a C57C and it works the way the code says it should.  So... I figure I am missing something in migration.

I have reviewed all the migration notes between the C57 and C57C (all pretty simple), and have never run into an issue like this before.

All eeprom communication is text book and well within timing requirements (no need for speed).

Any help appreciated, especially stupid items I have overlooked in migration.

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