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Thread: :: AIDs in Africa - three Scenarios to 2025
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Consider this a trial post of sorts.
I dithered over whether to use OT or TECH.
In some ways it's highly OT, and it's not about technology
in the mechanical sense, but it is very very much about the
use of science and technology to perform vast acts of human
engineering - both medical and social.

As we are learning where people want the TECH boundaries set
I'd be interested in people's comments on the
appropriateness of this in TECH. A shame to noise up the
list with many polls so if you just want to offer an opinion
one way or other please email me offlist - say at above
address or        apptechnzTakeThisOuTspamgmail.com . Please use above
subject line.

By all means comment on list if you feel it's worth doing
so. eg - 'TECH relevant because xxx' OR 'definitely OT as
yyy'. Or whatever. Even "has no place on the list at all"



AIDs in Africa - three Scenarios to 2025


Interesting, large (220 page), colourful, informative,
stunning, sad UN report on 3 scenarios for AIDs in Africa
until 2025. Published January 2005.
Some photos. Many graphs and tables and maps. Highly

Far far far more than just an analysis and commentary.
Covers all aspects of life, all factors. Very much a human
interest document. Its approach would be very much condemned
by some.

Some lovely photos that I would have loved to have the
opportunity to take.

Some of the graphs contain information of such enormity that
it's hard to take in at first glance. I found myself doing
calculations in some cases to check that the results I was
seeing could really be per year and not cumulative.

I'm am, of course, well aware of the moral aspects of this


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