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Gerhard Fiedler wrote:
> If you don't write-protect the configuration registers, you could
> write-protect the boot block in the bootloader after writing the
> application code. Which would make it a two-step process for a "bad"
> application to take the bootloader out: it would have to change the
> write protection for the boot block in the configuration register, then
> take over the boot vector by writing to it. Maybe that's good enough...
> at least good enough against accidentally taking over?
> Probably the only safe way is to put the bootloader in the boot block
> and to write protect both the boot block and the configuration
> registers. But this requires that the application is linked to start at
> an address above the bootloader. (If there wasn't the issue with code
> pages, this would look different :)

I think you are making this way to complicated.  In practise I've never seen
an application accidentally write over a bootloader on a PIC.  It can
theoretically happen, and probably has, but it is very rare.  How many
TBLWRT instructions does your app have?  Unless it's a bootloader, probably
none.  A few apps may modify an occasional table based on calibration data
or whatever, but this is a small minority of apps.  A buggy app could start
executing data as instructions, which could in theory write to program
memory, but this requires a very unusual alignment of quite a few stars.
The worst danger is from a buggy app that contains deliberate code for
writing to program memory.  This is not something a beginner would be doing.

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