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Thread: Nero can't see drive
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I recently re-formatted this PC and found last night that the burner
isn't seen by Nero. Prior to the re-format there were no problems
at all

Drive is LG GSA-4167B, with the accompanying LG DVD Writer
Solution and Nero 5.5 CDs. I used these for the previous installation

The problem is that Nero offers only Image Recorder (CD-R/RW)
as an option for a recorder in the drop-down menu. Using this option
will save an .nrg image file to HDD, not a CD

The drive will play anything, is in the devices list, and according to
XP it's working properly. LG doesn't have drivers as such, only a
firmware upgrade for the drive, which I feel isn't necessary

AFAICT from Googling, XP drivers are all that's needed. I don't
recall needing to do anything special before. Nero and LG forums
don't have any enquiries about this particular selection issue

Any ideas ?


<001801c8eba4$40c9a5a0$89aafea9@ivp1> 7bit

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