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>But one thing I do is put
>the useful data on another drive (partition).  So I could wipe the
>and retain my data without having to think about it.

Yes, that would be the right way of doing it, but I'll pay anyone that
can convince her to save the "good stuff" in the correct places.  So,
she's responsible for the health of her system, by choosing what she
want's to install in her machine knowing very well that most of the
stuff she installs is the free crap with very long license agreements,
such as games, and the type of software like Smiley Central.  So, the
first time she got "the talk".  The second time I tried to explain
again.  The third time, I just took care of it by a full reinstall after
a format of the drive.  It really is her choice as to how important her
data really is.  If it were that important, she'd take care of it and
not install the seedy software all over the place.  So if she does not
care, I'm not going to spend time and money trying to make it full

I work in IT and have had to deal with this type of stuff before.  But
just like the databases I manage, it is up to the "business" (in this
case the girlfriend) how important the data is and how much data they
can afford to lose during a crash (a.k.a. frequency of transaction log


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