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Thread: What to save in MCC18 interrupts?
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Harold Hallikainen wrote:
> I'm having some trouble that I THINK is due to interrupts smashing data
> in an MCC18 project with prioritized interrupts. The interrupt code is
> all written in assembly with the exception of the C code that calls it
> (below).

That seems silly.  If all the logic is in assembler, why do you need to
create a C stub to call it?  Interrupt code generally needs to be
responsive, so you want to minimize cycles.  At best the compiler won't put
a lot of needless bloat in there.  Interrupt entry and exit is well
understood, and the compiler isn't going to come up with some magic
optimization that the standard assembler entry/exit code doesn't already do.

For a ready PIC 18 interrupt template, see my QQQ_INTR18.ASPIC module at
http://www.embedinc.com/pic.  You select a few things at the top with EQUs,
and the appropriate template code gets selected.  This includes a choice of
single or high/low priority interrupts.  All you have to do is insert the
actual interrupt handling code.  I've used this a bunch of times.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ints.htm?key=interrupt
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