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Thread: Sucking linux at 1am
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How is the cable modem connected to the Linux box?  Is it via an ethernet
the Cable modem, and each of the machines (the Linux box and two Windows
boxes) are all connected at a 5 port hub. All that is known good. I have the
Windows boxes turned off while working with the Linux box

How does it set up the pc in the previous config?
As described. The Win server is with a netmask of gateway you just type it in and it works...

Is it using DHCP?
If I remember correctly, the Win server has DHCP and WINS off... but I will
check that. I'll also check the /etc/hosts file

Right now, I'm just trying to get the Linux box to talk to the cable modem
and internet... there IS NO internal network. When I get to that point, I'd
like to avoid a second ethernet card, but it may be worth it for IP masq.
I'm not trying to start mail or httpd at this point.

I will look at the Cable Modem How To, thanks for reminding me of its
existance, I'll bet that will do it for me.

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